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The Italian company for the manufacturing and commercialization of fruit processing machines, PND, has achieved an interesting new milestone with the acquisition of a new international market, as confirmed by PND's sales manager Valerio De Caro.

"After a long negotiation, our company managed to close a remarkable contract for a frozen fruit company in Central Asia," said De Caro. "Specifically, in Kazakhstan, where we installed a strawberry processing plant. The latter includes as many as six machines and processes about three tons of fruit per hour. The gauging unit, placed upstream, enables to process strawberries of different diameters, ranging from 20 to 50 mm, by simply replacing the fruit support membrane, thus making small interventions to the settings. This is where our innovation lies."

Thus, the month of May has been exceedingly fruitful for the company, as it has repaid for the hard work in the strawberry sector, which has seen a significant increase, especially in the fresh-cut segment. But will there be more after this first installation?

"After the company's achievement in Asia, I am happy to announce that in July we will proceed with the installation of a new plant, of the same type, this time in China, for a large French group that operates in the compote and jam sector. In the same month, the company will be moving to Australia for a new installation, where our strawberry processing machines will once again take center stage."

"We are specifically talking about the model DF12 and DF24 stem removing machine," the manager continued, "which was designed specifically for this fruit and designed to reduce manual labor without compromising on its gentle processing. The device removes the green apical part of the strawberry and, upon request, performs the cutting in half or four of the fruit, ensuring an excellent yield in a short time and without mechanical damage. The two models have many similarities and differ in production capacity and usage of manpower. The DF12 processes 300 fruits per minute with 4 operators, about 300 kg per hour; the DF24, on the other hand, can process 600 fruits per minute with 8 operators, about 600 kg per hour. The operators manually load the fruit into the units, the cutting heads de-stem the strawberries and perform the cutting; the finished product is collected on a belt conveyor and the product then goes on its way to packaging or storage."

PND has managed to win the trust of both industry technicians and customers, who recognize its machinery as irreplaceable tools.

"Relying on us means receiving personalized assistance," concluded the interviewee. “Customer care, in fact, is fast and effective and covers every latitude of the world. All consumable spare parts and routine maintenance components are always available quickly. By being able to provide high quality products and dedicated attention, in a competitive and increasingly globalized market context, is an added value that makes the difference."

PND's next international trade shows are set for 23 to 26 July 2023 at FOODPRO, Australia, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, stand L38.

The interest in fresh and processed pineapple is constantly increasing. PND, a company specializing in machinery for fruit processing and in the development of advanced systems for fresh-cut and processed product businesses, provides answers for this segment. Export manager Virginia Cascella, explained that "clients from all over the world kept asking for a solution to process pineapples that made it possible to obtain cylinders, rings, wedges and chunks. The demand for solutions for the fresh, frozen and dehydrated pineapple market has been increasing a lot over the past few years."

"We immediately replied with our PINCYL8 model, an extremely compact manual-loading machine measuring 1.5x1.5m and capable of processing 14/16 fruits per minute. We grouped all pineapple processing procedures in a single machine capable of guaranteeing high productivity, reliability, robustness, sanitization and maintenance also in post-production. Operators load the fruits and the machine proceeds with the placement, coring and cutting into cylinders. Then the fruits can be cut into rings, wedges or chunks depending on the client's needs."

The Italian company produces two pineapple processing machines, PINCYL8 and PL2D, which boast a similar production capacity. The semi-automatic cutting and coring PINCYL8 machine was created approximately three years ago, while the other model has been available all over the world for the past 14 years and, after various improvements, it is now among the most popular in Europe, US, Canada, South America and Australia.

"The two-station manual-loading semi-automatic PL2D peeler is intuitive, user-friendly and can process 12/14 fruits per minute. In addition, it is versatile and can also be used to peel melons and squash. All fruits are easily peeled even if their shape is irregular and if they have not been graded, with a waste equal to 45%, external parts included."

The machine is made of stainless steel and it must be paired with various cutters depending on the shape needed. Product output and waste conveyors are added to guarantee the maximum organization and cleanliness of the processing environment. Three models are available with one, two or four work stations depending on the production capacity required.

"Both machines have been very successful and are present all over the world," concluded Virginia Cascella. "Our customer care is fast and effective and covers every latitude, touching all five continents. With 23 years in business, 19 machines in the catalogue and a business mainly related to exports, the company operates on a global scale and has a strong presence in several continents of the globe. To get to know us better and, above all, to know where you can meet us in the world, just look at the trade fair calendar we participate in on our website'.

The innovation for 2023 is the new mango peeler mod. PL4M, which can process 24-28 fruits/minute. It is an improvement of the 6-head version (36-42 fruits/min) developed over 10 years ago. Plus, in addition to the PL4M and very popular PL6M models, there is also a larger model, i.e. the 8-head PL8M peeler that can process up to 112 fruits/min.

The machine is made entirely of stainless steel and materials compliant with food regulations and can peel fruits of all shapes, grades and ripening levels, unlike any other machine available on the market.

Mango peelers are hand-loaded and very easy to use: operators load fruits onto a conveyor, and are then peeled easily. One operator is enough for the PL6M and PL4M models, while the new PL8M model needs two people due to the size of the machine and its speed.

Mango peelers are among the most popular machines and 160 models have already been distributed all over the world, with lively demand in South America and mostly Peru.

The PL8M model boasts several advantages as it optimizes space, saves on labor and allows for flexible processing. The company has decided to make it work for all production capacities thanks to the collaboration of its clients: the company focuses in fact on listening to consumers and cares about their needs and requirements.

"Choosing PND means receiving personalized assistance. Customer care is in fact quick and effective at all latitudes. All spare parts and ordinary maintenance components are available in a short time."

The company has managed to conquer the trust of both sector technicians and clients, who recognize the machines as irreplaceable partners suitable for all kinds of needs.

"This year, once again, we will attend the main fresh-cut fair in Italy: PND will showcase its products at the EXPO Centre at Macfrut on May 3rd-5th (hall B1, stand 195)," reports export manager Virginia Cascella.

"Macfrut, in which we have been participating continuously for 20 years," says Virginia Cascella, "is an opportunity to combine business, knowledge and networking and to open up to the growing Italian market. We are in Rimini with a 32 square metre stand and two machines: the new PL4M mango peeler and the SS8 slicer for segments, slices and sticks".

As the warm season approaches, so does its main vegetable, namely the cherry tomato. It proves, therefore, that there is a need to cope with the different demands and needs of the fresh-cut, processed, frozen, and dehydrated tomato companies.

Thanks to their know-how of the specifications of each crop, PND has brought innovation to the engineering sector in the manufacturing of fruit processing machinery, with the aim to guarantee high-performing standards. We talked about this with Virginia Cascella, the company's export manager.

"The cutter machine mod. MTP, made of stainless steel, is designed for cutting cherry tomatoes in halves and quarters," says the specialist. "The production capacity is about 200 kg/h, depending on the diameter of the product, and it provides for automatic loading, reducing labor costs. The cutting unit consists of 4 rotating circular blades that, powered simultaneously, cut into quarters; at the same time, it is possible to obtain halves by a mechanical lever system that moves two blades. The transition is immediate and simple."

The compact machine, which is easy to use and maintain, has two belts, an elevator belt with a hopper for loading cherry tomatoes and a conveyor belt for the sliced crop. In addition, it can handle cherry tomatoes of different sizes, Ø 25 - 40 mm, and can be easily transported, as it is equipped with wheels, which can be replaced with adjustable feet upon request.

"Developed out of a customer's specific request from Switzerland, this machine has since then gained interest all over Europe, " concluded Cascella.

The company's know-how and knowledge of the products' organoleptic characteristics made it possible for PND to design a new generation of Williams pear processing machines.

The PEARL6, a six-head pear peeler, de-seeder and separator, is unique and has many advantages and advanced technologies," says Valerio De Caro, the company's sales manager, "that differentiate it from the competition in terms of features, ease of use, maintenance costs and accessibility for washing and sanitizing all components.

The machine, built according to Directive 2006/42/EEC, has a production capacity of 72 fruits per minute and can be fed either manually, by operator, or automatically. The changeover is done by simply switching the mode with a key switch arranged on the control panel, without handling the automatic loader. The structure is made entirely of stainless steel and all mechanical parts insulated and protected by suitable guards to safeguard users. It is, then, equipped with a touch screen HMI monitor, through which it is possible to view the processing and adjust the phase systems, optimizing the product.

"Peeling," continues De Caro, "is suitable for any size of pear and different degrees of ripeness and firmness; there is, as a matter of fact, the possibility to process even very ripe fruit, without ruining the pulp. The quality of the fruit will not, therefore, be affected by its processing."

The optimization of the stem and grain system of the product results in increased yield, and the transmission system with toothed belts allows, on the other hand, the elimination of any noise. All tools, blades and wear parts, then, are easy to replace and adjust.

"Relying on PND means, therefore, receiving personalized assistance. The customer care turns out to be fast and effective and covers every latitude. The company, available for any ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, boasts highly specialized and trained multilingual employees, and an after-sales service that fulfills any request. Within an increasingly globalized and competitive market environment, being able to provide high quality products and constant care is an added value that makes the difference. What is its core strength? Listening to the customer who, at all times, is continuously assisted, from the design to the purchase and commissioning of the machinery," concluded De Caro

After its first mango peeler, the Italian company PND continued to receive requests - especially from South America. Thus, the PL8M model was born.

"It is an innovative model that is mainly aimed at increasing productivity. The new model, which is also suitable for processing kiwis, can peel 112 mangoes or kiwis per minute," says Gianluca Giordano, sales manager for South America. "That speed can be achieved with only two employees manually feeding the fruit. The peeler itself has eight heads for this purpose. Furthermore, the machine retains its previous features. In other words, it succeeds in peeling both hard and ripe fruit and also has the same good performance in terms of waste."

"The brand new PL8M is an optimized remake of the six-head version (36-42 fruits/min), which was designed more than 10 years ago," explains Giordano. "Besides the new PL8M model and the now widely sold PL6M, we also have a smaller model, the PL4M, with 4 heads for a speed of 24-28 fruits/min. That too is very performant and fast."

The mango peelers are manually loaded and are very easy to use. For the PL6M and PL4M models, only one operator is needed. The new model PL8M requires two people, both because of the large size of the machine and the high speed at which it works.

“The machine, built entirely in stainless steel and with materials that meet food standards, is capable of peeling mangoes of any shape, gauge, and most importantly, ripeness. This is an advantage not offered by any machine on the market. The new PL8M has a peeling capacity of 112 fruits per minute and is one of the most in-demand machines. 160 units have already been delivered around the world. Demand has been significant in South America, especially in Peru. The PL8M model optimizes the use of space, saves on labor and is flexible in processing. For every production capacity, whether large or small, we have a model. This is also thanks to the cooperation of our customers who listen carefully to consumers and thus are aware of their needs."

"PND has successfully gained the trust of both technicians and industry customers, who see in the machines an ally that adapts to every need. Our company guarantees quality, reliability and continuous service, at every latitude."

"This year too, PND, a company specializing in the production of machinery for the processing of fruit, will attend Fruit Logistica in Berlin (February 8-10). We have taken part in the fair for 13 years and this year we are planning on participating in 15 fairs all over the world - Europe, US, South America, Asia and Australia," reports Virginia Cascella, export manager for the company.

"The German event provides important business and networking opportunities as it enables us to keep up with new techniques and technologies, improving our results and with the perspective of a lively follow-up after the fair."

In an increasingly globalized and competitive market, being able to supply products of a higher quality and constantly assist the clientele provide added value and make the difference. Those who visit the stand will not only witness this value, but also test the machines directly.

"In addition to our multipurpose cutter SS8, our leading product is the new mango peeler PL8M. It is available also in the 4 (56 fruits/min) and 6 head (84 fruits/min) version and is extremely performing and fast. We are proud of showcasing it to the whole world. The PL8M for mangoes and kiwifruit is in fact a restyling and optimization of the previous version and can process 112 fruits a minute. It is one of the most demanded machines, of which we have already sold 160 units all over the world, especially Peru."

"The company has invested in innovation and specializes in the design and development of advanced systems to provide a concrete answer to the increasing demand and volumes produced. We create technological solutions in line with the constantly changing needs of global commerce. PND guarantees the utmost quality, reliability and constant assistance at all latitudes."

"We would like to invite you to discover the PND world at www.pndsrl.it , where you can browse the catalog and discover the fairs we will attend. Come meet us at Fruit Logistica in stand A.02, Hall 4.1."

During the festive season, consumption, as well as the production capacity of fruit, usually increases significantly. We asked Virginia Cascella, export manager at PND, a company specialising in the production of state-of-the-art fruit processing machinery, how they will cope with the high demand in the run-up to Christmas.

"Our customers," explained the manager, "are mostly fruit producers who experience a considerable increase in demand during the Christmas period. We therefore thought it would be a good thing to stay open and support them in their work. Specifically, we will provide logistical support, through the shipment of spare parts in case the customer needs them, and we will guarantee a telephone and online customer service, aimed at solving any problems and requests, from anomalies to technical advice".

Commendable initiative, that of PND, which, since 2000, has been constantly striving to eliminate distances and waiting times. Its strong point is precisely customer service. In fact, the company is able to respond promptly to its buyers with processing lines designed to their needs and requirements. Advanced technological solutions, aligned to new and changing consumer habits.

'Our company,' Cascella pointed out, 'continues to establish itself in international markets, consolidating its leadership and working at full capacity in Europe, South America, the United States, Asia, Australia and Africa. It is a business mainly linked to exports, which is worth 95% of the total turnover. As of December 2022, we have approximately 1480 machines worldwide, 570 customers and a presence in 63 countries.

The internationalisation of our products is one of the primary objectives that we set ourselves and also achieve through participation in the most important trade fairs in the sector. Within an increasingly globalised and competitive market context, being able to provide high-level products and constant care is an added value that makes the difference. We have therefore chosen not to leave our customers alone, not even during the holidays. PND, therefore, is always on call'.

"Another three fairs end the year for PND: last week, we were in Orlando for PMA, this week we have been in Bangkok for Asia Fruit Logistica and then we will go to Dubai for Gulfood Manufacturing. We continue to be present in the two hemispheres with our commercial team, which is always enthusiast to showcase our new solutions all over the world," explains Virginia Cascella, export manager at PND srl.

"There is a lot of interest for the processing of pineapples in all their forms: peeled, cored and cut into wedges or diced, ready to be bagged or placed in punnets. Two years ago, PND introduced a new multi-function machine dedicated to the processing of pineapples."

"With a dimension of 1.5 m x 1.5 m, PINCYL8 helps obtain pineapple cylinders at industrial level, which can then be diced or cut into rounds and wedges. Feedback has been great from both Europe and America over the past 24 months. With its 12 fruits a minute guaranteed, sturdiness, reliability and ease of sanitization, PINCYL8 has proven very successful in different markets and is currently the most demanded machine."

"Companies often have space problems, they therefore need compact machines that can meet processing needs while taking up little room. PND managed to combine all pineapple processing stages into a single machine that guarantees productivity, reliability, sturdiness, ease of operation, maintenance and sanitization and with a reduced size."

Over 24 months, PND has installed 13 PINCYL8 machines worldwide: three in the US, two in Canada and the others in Spain, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. PINCYL8 was chosen by large groups processing fresh-cut products due to its reliability and reduced downtime. The machine is also suitable for small laboratories.

"We restarted from Italy, and we are very proud of it and of our Italian products," commented Virginia Cascella, export manager at PND, a company specializing in the manufacture of machines for peeling and cutting fruit.

"At Macfrut, we mostly received visits from Italian companies part of the catering or fresh-cut industries, but there were also foreigners from South America, Africa and the Balkans. We are happy with how the fair went, especially considering it was the first for our sector after 19 months."

What are the most popular machines at the moment? "The machines that peel and cut fruit in real time always amaze our interlocutors, who can immediately test just how easy and intuitive our solutions are. Our pineapple and melon peeler mod. PL1D and universal cutter mod.SS8 continue to be very popular also outside of the fair. We also updated peeler mod. PL6,which can now peel, core, slice, wedge and dice apples."

PND has therefore introduced a machine that can fully process apples - it is still compact and easy to manage and can be loaded manually or automatically with an output of around 400 kg/h. Changing formats is very quick and easy.

A washing line for pre-processing sanitization and a treatment tank to avoid browning can complete the machine. Tanks are studied and developed based on the client's needs when it comes to both size and features.

In the meantime, PND is organizing the next fair together with partner FOOD FRESHLY: Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Hall 3 - Stand F05A.

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