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Mango increasing in popularity along with production volumes

Italy's PND introduces new mango peeling machines

After its first mango peeler, the Italian company PND continued to receive requests - especially from South America. Thus, the PL8M model was born.

"It is an innovative model that is mainly aimed at increasing productivity. The new model, which is also suitable for processing kiwis, can peel 112 mangoes or kiwis per minute," says Gianluca Giordano, sales manager for South America. "That speed can be achieved with only two employees manually feeding the fruit. The peeler itself has eight heads for this purpose. Furthermore, the machine retains its previous features. In other words, it succeeds in peeling both hard and ripe fruit and also has the same good performance in terms of waste."

"The brand new PL8M is an optimized remake of the six-head version (36-42 fruits/min), which was designed more than 10 years ago," explains Giordano. "Besides the new PL8M model and the now widely sold PL6M, we also have a smaller model, the PL4M, with 4 heads for a speed of 24-28 fruits/min. That too is very performant and fast."

The mango peelers are manually loaded and are very easy to use. For the PL6M and PL4M models, only one operator is needed. The new model PL8M requires two people, both because of the large size of the machine and the high speed at which it works.

“The machine, built entirely in stainless steel and with materials that meet food standards, is capable of peeling mangoes of any shape, gauge, and most importantly, ripeness. This is an advantage not offered by any machine on the market. The new PL8M has a peeling capacity of 112 fruits per minute and is one of the most in-demand machines. 160 units have already been delivered around the world. Demand has been significant in South America, especially in Peru. The PL8M model optimizes the use of space, saves on labor and is flexible in processing. For every production capacity, whether large or small, we have a model. This is also thanks to the cooperation of our customers who listen carefully to consumers and thus are aware of their needs."

"PND has successfully gained the trust of both technicians and industry customers, who see in the machines an ally that adapts to every need. Our company guarantees quality, reliability and continuous service, at every latitude."



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