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Cherry tomatoes cut in halves and quarters for the fresh-cut sector

MTP, the new cutter from PND, Fruit Processing Machinery in Italy

Ready-to-eat salads have been a sought-after item for many years now, and with the more multicolored references, the more inviting they appear, the more they entice purchases. Increasingly fast-paced and dynamic lifestyles, on the other hand, support the demand for products that meet the needs of people who consume ready-to-eat or almost ready-to-eat food, perhaps for a quick lunch break or for health reasons. This is one reason why producers of ready-to-eat salads are adding red, yellow, or mixed-color cherry tomatoes.

"With the growing trend in the fresh-cut consumption, our company has proactively been addressing a significant demand from the market. Thus, in the first months of this year, a new project emerged with the realization of our cutter mod. MTP, dedicated to cutting cherry tomatoes in halves or quarters for the fresh-cut sector," said Virginia Cascella, export manager of PND, an Italian manufacturer of fruit processing machinery.

"It is a fast machine, as it reaches a production capacity of about 200 kg per hour," explained the expert, "but it is also very safe, as it is designed to comply with all the safety standards required by current regulations. Of course, it is also innovative because it provides for automatic loading that has not yet been seen on the market in this particular application. In fact, the product is collected in a hopper and, by means of an elevator, transported to the loading belt that aligns and transfers it to the cutting station. "The cutting unit, specifically, consists of 4 rotating circular blades that, when activated together, allow for cutting into quarters. A mechanical lever system, on the other hand, allows 2 blades to be moved so as to achieve halved cutting. Finally, a belt for the output, located below the cutting station, easily collects the product. We expect great success for what turned out to be a well-tested prototype. Initially made for a customer, this machine has already been in demand throughout Europe."

Moreover, thanks to its innovative stainless-steel design, the machine treats cherry tomatoes of different sizes (Ø 25 - 40 mm) and is easy to move because it is equipped with wheels, which can be replaced with adjustable feet on request.

"Our core strength is to be able to provide a timely response to our customers, with processing lines specifically designed for that purpose," concluded Virginia Cascella, "and this machinery once again is a clear example of that. This is a perspective that pays attention to technological performance, perfectly tailored to the needs of those who choose it. Relying on us at PND means receiving personalized, fast, and effective assistance on a global scale. "We invite you to discover more about PND by visiting our website, where you can consult the catalog of available lines and different machines, as well as view all the national and international trade fairs attended and to be attended by the company."



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