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Interest in fresh-cut pineapples remains high

PND released an innovative die-cutting machine

The growing interest in the international markets for tropical fruits and their consumption continues apace. While, in recent years, consumers in the old continent have been able to learn more about exotic fruits, such as mangoes and avocados, some of which are produced in Europe, the demand for bananas and pineapples remains high. This latter fruit is not only ideal for fresh consumption, but can also be consumed sliced in ready-to-eat trays.

But how does the cutting process take place and how has it evolved over time? We asked Virginia Cascella, sales manager of PND, an Italian company specialized in the construction of machines for peeling and cutting fruit.

"Our answer to this market segment is the new semi-automatic pineapple die-cutting and cutting machine that was created to cut the cylinder-shaped pineapple. In addition to cylinder cutting, the machine allows users to obtain sliced fruit or cubes, depending on the customer's needs. In this way we meet the most diverse needs of our international customers, while also optimizing energy, and environmental and human resources."

This is how the PND die-cutter is made and, above all, how it works. "An operator just loads the fruit and the machine does all the work practically by itself - explained Cascella. The operations are carried out in three steps - assessment, coring, and cutting. The cut, then, is a choice between cylinders, washers, slices and cubes. The machine has a stainless steel structure. All components are easily inter-changeable and the parts in contact with the fruit are certified as suitable for use in the food industry. I would also like to point out the easy and fast cleaning and maintenance of the machine in the post-production phase."

The machine is equipped with a conveyor/elevator belt for the product, customized to the customer's needs. It features both space-saving dimensions and simplified operations, even though it is considered an industrial machine.

A new starting point
2020 represents a new starting point for this company that celebrates 20 years of activity. Today, PND has its own commercial network across the world. It stays true to the same methodology, that means listening to the customer, analyzing the problem and working out the most suitable solution.

The first foreign countries to introduce PND technology have been Switzerland and Poland. Over time, with perseverance and a desire to improve, the company has increased the number of its orders from new customers, and now it is present in all five continents.



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