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A new machine for cutting cherry tomatoes in halves and quarters

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As the warm season approaches, so does its main vegetable, namely the cherry tomato. It proves, therefore, that there is a need to cope with the different demands and needs of the fresh-cut, processed, frozen, and dehydrated tomato companies.

Thanks to their know-how of the specifications of each crop, PND has brought innovation to the engineering sector in the manufacturing of fruit processing machinery, with the aim to guarantee high-performing standards. We talked about this with Virginia Cascella, the company's export manager.

"The cutter machine mod. MTP, made of stainless steel, is designed for cutting cherry tomatoes in halves and quarters," says the specialist. "The production capacity is about 200 kg/h, depending on the diameter of the product, and it provides for automatic loading, reducing labor costs. The cutting unit consists of 4 rotating circular blades that, powered simultaneously, cut into quarters; at the same time, it is possible to obtain halves by a mechanical lever system that moves two blades. The transition is immediate and simple."

The compact machine, which is easy to use and maintain, has two belts, an elevator belt with a hopper for loading cherry tomatoes and a conveyor belt for the sliced crop. In addition, it can handle cherry tomatoes of different sizes, Ø 25 - 40 mm, and can be easily transported, as it is equipped with wheels, which can be replaced with adjustable feet upon request.

"Developed out of a customer's specific request from Switzerland, this machine has since then gained interest all over Europe, " concluded Cascella.



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