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Nieuwe internationale markten voor Italiaanse machines voor de verwerking van vers fruit

PND - Machines voor fruitverwerking

PND, een Italiaans bedrijf dat tot de meest innovatieve behoort in de productie en marketing van fruitverwerkingsmachines, heeft een interessante nieuwe mijlpaal bereikt met de verwerving van een nieuwe internationale markt. PND's sales manager Valerio De Caro vertelt ons hierover.

"After a long negotiation, our company managed to close a remarkable contract for a frozen fruit company in Central Asia," said De Caro. "Specifically, in Kazakhstan, where we installed a strawberry processing plant. The latter includes as many as six machines and processes about three tons of fruit per hour. The gauging unit, placed upstream, enables to process strawberries of different diameters, ranging from 20 to 50 mm, by simply replacing the fruit support membrane, thus making small interventions to the settings. This is where our innovation lies."

Thus, the month of May has been exceedingly fruitful for the company, as it has repaid for the hard work in the strawberry sector, which has seen a significant increase, especially in the fresh-cut segment. But will there be more after this first installation?

"After the company's achievement in Asia, I am happy to announce that in July we will proceed with the installation of a new plant, of the same type, this time in China, for a large French group that operates in the compote and jam sector. In the same month, the company will be moving to Australia for a new installation, where our strawberry processing machines will once again take center stage."

"We are specifically talking about the model DF12 and DF24 stem removing machine," the manager continued, "which was designed specifically for this fruit and designed to reduce manual labor without compromising on its gentle processing. The device removes the green apical part of the strawberry and, upon request, performs the cutting in half or four of the fruit, ensuring an excellent yield in a short time and without mechanical damage. The two models have many similarities and differ in production capacity and usage of manpower. The DF12 processes 300 fruits per minute with 4 operators, about 300 kg per hour; the DF24, on the other hand, can process 600 fruits per minute with 8 operators, about 600 kg per hour. The operators manually load the fruit into the units, the cutting heads de-stem the strawberries and perform the cutting; the finished product is collected on a belt conveyor and the product then goes on its way to packaging or storage."

PND has managed to win the trust of both industry technicians and customers, who recognize its machinery as irreplaceable tools.

"Relying on us means receiving personalized assistance," concluded the interviewee. “Customer care, in fact, is fast and effective and covers every latitude of the world. All consumable spare parts and routine maintenance components are always available quickly. By being able to provide high quality products and dedicated attention, in a competitive and increasingly globalized market context, is an added value that makes the difference."

PND's next international trade shows are set for 23 to 26 July 2023 at FOODPRO, Australia, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, stand L38.



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