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PND - Fruit Processing Machinery

The popularity of the mango is increasing and, along with it, the demand and volumes produced. This is why the company PND, which provides technological solutions aligned with the new consumption habits, has dedicated an entire line of 3 machines to this fruit: the PL6M peeler, the SS8 stoning machine and the SCM slicer/cubing machine.

"We have noted with great satisfaction that one of the most requested machines is the mango peeler PL6M, manual loading," comments Gianluca Giordano, Latam / Apac Sales Area Manager of PND, "strictly made in Italy and covered by a patent filed in 2012. It has more than 160 units sold in Europe, the United States and especially Central and South America, which have only started investing in machinery and replacing labour in the last three years. The machine loads 6 fruits, peeling 40 per minute. We have a large capacity output, with as much as 800 kg per hour. The whole process is within sight of the operator and does not need any setting".

PND is well established in much of the world. Since 2000, the company has been among the most innovative in the manufacture of machinery for processing fruit, not least tropical fruit.

"The strength of our innovation," Giordano says, "is the machines' ability to process both unripe and ripe mangoes. An advantage not found in any other machine on the market. A unique plus, in short. With over 90 machines sold in Central and South America dedicated solely to processing this fruit, processed and exported to all continents".

The expert also says he is 'proud of the successes achieved in just three years and of having been able to take part in the technological development of the agro-industrial sector in these countries.

Also successful are the other two machines, also made of stainless steel, which are easy to use and quick to maintain and sanitise. The SS8 pitting machine allows cutting into different shapes and sizes, thanks to the possibility of replacing dies and pads, while the semi-automatic SCM, designed for cutting into segments and cubes, features a two-station loading conveyor.

"PND has succeeded in winning the trust of both technicians in the sector and customers," concludes the expert, "who recognise these machines as irreplaceable allies, because they adapt to every need. Our company is a guarantee of quality, reliability and continuous service, at every latitude. On our website you can consult the catalogue of available lines, as well as discover the trade fairs in which the company has participated and will participate".



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Since 2000, one of the most innovative companies in the engineering sector in the manufacture of fruit processing machinery.

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