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Fresh-cut segment: launch of a new mango peeler


The innovation for 2023 is the new mango peeler mod. PL4M, which can process 24-28 fruits/minute. It is an improvement of the 6-head version (36-42 fruits/min) developed over 10 years ago. Plus, in addition to the PL4M and very popular PL6M models, there is also a larger model, i.e. the 8-head PL8M peeler that can process up to 112 fruits/min.

The machine is made entirely of stainless steel and materials compliant with food regulations and can peel fruits of all shapes, grades and ripening levels, unlike any other machine available on the market.

Mango peelers are hand-loaded and very easy to use: operators load fruits onto a conveyor, and are then peeled easily. One operator is enough for the PL6M and PL4M models, while the new PL8M model needs two people due to the size of the machine and its speed.

Mango peelers are among the most popular machines and 160 models have already been distributed all over the world, with lively demand in South America and mostly Peru.

The PL8M model boasts several advantages as it optimizes space, saves on labor and allows for flexible processing. The company has decided to make it work for all production capacities thanks to the collaboration of its clients: the company focuses in fact on listening to consumers and cares about their needs and requirements.

"Choosing PND means receiving personalized assistance. Customer care is in fact quick and effective at all latitudes. All spare parts and ordinary maintenance components are available in a short time."

The company has managed to conquer the trust of both sector technicians and clients, who recognize the machines as irreplaceable partners suitable for all kinds of needs.

"This year, once again, we will attend the main fresh-cut fair in Italy: PND will showcase its products at the EXPO Centre at Macfrut on May 3rd-5th (hall B1, stand 195)," reports export manager Virginia Cascella.

"Macfrut, in which we have been participating continuously for 20 years," says Virginia Cascella, "is an opportunity to combine business, knowledge and networking and to open up to the growing Italian market. We are in Rimini with a 32 square metre stand and two machines: the new PL4M mango peeler and the SS8 slicer for segments, slices and sticks".



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